About Us

Welcome to the place for classic style!
TracyChambers Vintage is a lifestyle brand named after Diana Ross's character in Mahogany, one of the most iconic fashion movies of all time. The brand, founded by Helen Nurse, embodies the spirit of perseverance and empowerment just like the character in the film and was born out of the love for classic timeless style and the gathering of women. We began as TracyChambers Vintage but over the years we have grown to be so much more than vintage and clothing…we are in the business of gathering women…making them look and feel good. We love connecting women so much so that we have created a space to serve you more. I hope you join us on this journey as we continue to bring you impeccably curated style and create intimate gatherings with you in mind. Step into our world and you have entered a ladies only zone (LOZ) where we talk style, womanness, and being our badass selves.  We don’t host events, we create experiences and an atmosphere where women gather and support one another. Have a sip of spirits and a bite of love. Bring a few girlfriends and enjoy the experience.
TracyChambers Vintage is the home of Fashion for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (FBLD); TracyTastings; TracyTastings:Paris; Cocktails and Cinema: FashionOnFilm; The Vintage Stoop; Tea At 216; and She Better Mind Her Business (SBMHB)